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Genshin Impact–Kamisato Ayaka–Anime Wall Art      19.2*14.9inches




Why is Genshin Impact Ayaka so popular?

Ayaka was loved and noticed for her excellent zither and unparalleled swordplay, and her image was pleasing to the eye. Her gentle and kind character and her care for the relationship of travelers make her a great lady in people’s hearts.


who is Ayaka’s beloved?

From Ayaka’s story, quests, and her special description, there are many hints that Ayaka has a crush on the Travelers.

The Traveler who saved a foreign country, Ayaka hopes to use his power to abolish the Eye Hunting Order. During the preparation of the meeting gift for Tsubaki, the traveler reveals his noble character and insights from his travels through the two countries that captivate Ayaka. Ayaka customizes a hairpin made with a white heron theme as a testament to their friendship. In the company of the traveler, Ayaka sincerely faced her heart and fulfilled a wish that belonged to her mother and her. Nowadays, Ayaka still wants to be someone worthy of everyone’s trust, but the reason that inspires her is no longer the responsibility on her shoulders or the expectations of her people, but because the traveler is the same.


Ayaka ‘s older brother

Ayaka’s older brother. Ever since both of Ayaka’s parents passed away, the siblings, Ayato and Ayaka, have taken care of the affairs of the clan, big and small. The siblings divided the work, with the older brother in charge of the government and the younger sister taking care of the internal and external affairs of the clan. When Ayato took over, he saved the day and revived the family. Although the family has been revitalized and the Shabuyuki family is united, Ayato still decides on important matters.

As the head of the Kamisato family, Ayato had to be present on many occasions. Although Ayaka tried his best to share his brother’s responsibilities, he could not alleviate the fatigue that had built up over the years.

There is also another painting of Ayaka that I would like to recommend to you, it is exquisite, you can hang it on the wall as a decorative painting, or give it to your friends who like Ayaka!

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