Genshin Impact–Raiden Shogun–Anime Wall Art


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1. This product manuscript is hand-painted by a professional artist and then cut and pasted layer by layer.

2. This product is printed by high-definition microjet technology, has high color saturation, is not easy to fade, and has high color restoration

3. The outside is acrylic glass plate, not glass, it is not easy to break during transportation

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4. The accessories have expansion nails and traceless hooks, the specific use method is as follows

5. All products are multi-layer packing reinforcement, dust-free mounting, four-corner packaging reinforcement, sealing design hanging ring bearing, every detail is perfect, for you to present “art” level decorative painting

6. A variety of frames and cardstock to choose from can provide customized services to create exclusive gift surprises (if necessary, please send a request to duqianwen99

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 19.2 × 14.9 × 1.9 in

19.2×14.9 inches


Black gold frame, Black picture frame, Log picture frame, Walnut picture frame, White picture frame


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